10 Sizzling Hot Grilling Tips
Sarah Tuttle
By Sarah Tuttle

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No one rules the barbecue quite like someone who knows how to work the grill. Confidence and tool finesse aside, it’s the knowledge gained from grilling experience that really sets the grill masters apart. Here are some of the hottest tips to get to that level!

Prepare all of your ingredients before you grill.

A hot grill will cook fast, so be ready! (And be sure to keep cold foods cold until it’s time to cook for food safety reasons.)

Clean your grill grate with a grill brush while hot.

Before you get to grilling, heat the grill and clean it. The heat burns up any lingering food particles from the last barbecue. Using a grill brush, gently scrape in a diagonal motion. Start at the point closest to you and move upward. Be sure to move in one direction to prevent damage to the coating.

Rub half a potato on the grates to prevent sticking.

After heating up the grill, stick half a potato on a fork and rub the grill. The starch from the potato creates a barrier between the food and the grill. This also makes for easier clean up.

Don’t oil the grill grates.

Instead, oil the meat and veggies. This prevents the oil from oxidizing and makes for a cleaner grill without lots of gunk to clean out each time you fire it up. (Our organic olive oil spray is perfect for this.)

Use a spatula for turning delicate foods.

Instead of using grill-safe tongs to turn over delicate foods like fish or veggies, use a grill-safe spatula to keep the pieces intact. (Tongs are perfect for turning over sturdier foods!)

When grilling wooden skewers of meat or veggies, soak the skewers in water before threading through food.

This will prevent the skewers from burning over the hot grill.

Don’t baste until the last few minutes.

Basting using a silicone basting brush prevents the food from burning while also keeping it juicy and flavorful.

Don’t reuse your marinade.

Marinades are key for making meats extra flavorful and tender. Take care not to reuse any marinade that has come into contact with raw food. You can set aside marinade or delicious barbecue sauces that don’t touch the raw meat to add to the finished cooked meat if it needs a little more flavor.  

Always let your meat from the grill rest before cutting.

We know it looks good, but let the meat rest before diving in. It will continue to cook after being removed from the grill and will be more tender as the juices redistribute throughout the meat.

Have some grill master tips of your own? Share below!

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