5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dad All Year Round
Kris Pajarito Andrews
By Kris Pajarito Andrews

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Dads deserve lots of love all year round, not just on Father’s Day. What better way to show him how much you care than with heartfelt, well thought out, unique gifts? The perfect find doesn’t always have to fit in a gift bag (or break the bank), but for extra credit, we’ll give you fun ways to add to your big idea with wallet-friendly Brandless faves for him. Sound good? Let’s get going!

1. Call Him Weekly

We’re sure you do this already, but it’s a lot easier to remember during your busy day if you set a normal day and/or time to give dad a quick ring to say hello!


2. Pick Out a New Recipe For a Father-Kid Cooking Sesh

If you live with or near your dad, lucky you! You can plan a cooking night with him so easily. Either pick a recipe that spotlights his favorite ingredients, or go with one that you both have wanted to try. If your dad is a long distance away, simply email him the recipes, have someone deliver the ingredients to his house, set up a video chat and cook your hearts out!

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3. Send Him a Card Every Month

In the age of email and social media, giving and receiving handwritten notes and cards is a nice treat in the mailbox. If you need ideas, it could be filled with a drawing and life updates. You could even go with a quote from his favorite author, athlete, philosopher, or even a saying or memory straight out of the pages of your own lives. He’s sure to love whatever you send.

4. Help Plan a Trip To a Destination of His Dreams

Your dad has always wanted to go to a particular place, and you’ve  been wondering how to get him there. After searching long and hard for flight deals throughout the year, putting together a list of top food spots and hotels, and getting your family to contribute to the pot, he finally cleared out his calendar. When he’s ready to go, present him with travel accessories and supplies to make sure his momentous travels are as fuss-free as possible.

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5. Plan a Volunteer Day Together

What better way to spend quality time with your dad than visiting other kids or families in need? Take note of local shelters, volunteer pages, or word-of-mouth in your community and plan to bring a nice bundle to greet them before the fun begins. It’s bound to be one of the best, most rewarding celebrations yet. Bonus: it’s an opportunity to share your thoughtful, caring dad with amazing new friends.

Bonus: we even have a guide to help you get started.

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