Brandless 2020
John Rittenhouse
By John Rittenhouse

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Earlier this year, I joined Brandless to help us refocus our products and direction on a path to greater customer engagement and becoming a challenger brand across channels. In that time Brandless has launched new categories in CBD, home and travel, developed a marketplace to give our customer access to like-minded products, and expanded into brick-and-mortar retail. It’s not uncommon for young companies like ours to further innovate on product-market fit and shift direction, but what is uncommon is for it to happen so efficiently and we have an incredible team at Brandless to thank for it.


Now that Brandless is set on a new trajectory for success, I am turning over the role of CEO to Evan Price, our trusted CFO. Evan has an incredible background in retail, spanning companies like The Gap to Gymboree to Stella & Dot. In the last year, Evan has become one of the most respected senior leaders at the company and while Tina, Evan and I together developed the Brandless 2020 strategy, Evan and the Brandless team executed it flawlessly.


The Board, leadership team and Evan are aligned on where Brandless is headed and remain committed to the same better for you, better for the planet products that keep our customers coming back time and time again. 


I wish Evan all the best as CEO and will be rooting for him and the entire team as they bring the Brandless 2020 vision to life. 


– John Rittenhouse