Brandless Ambassadors X Eye Gel
By Brandless

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We sent our Eye Gel to a group of ambassadors and asked them to try it over a two week period so we could see what they thought. Here’s what they said.



One step in my skincare routine that I never leave out is eye cream. I’ve just discovered the @brandlesslife eye gel, and it’s become such a nice addition to my rotation. It contains green tea, pomegranate, and my favorite eye product ingredient: caffeine. I’ve been testing this gel for about 2 weeks, and I’ve already noticed a huge improvement in the hydration of my undereye area. The skin under my eyes doesn’t look as crepe-y and I’ve seen a definite decrease in fine lines. At $8, it’s an incredibly affordable and effective product that I would recommend to anyone looking to brighten and hydrate their eyes. . . #sponsored #brandlesslife #beautyisbrandless


I’ve always had dark under eye circles and bags and having twins definitely didn’t improve matters. I recently got to try the new depuffing eye gel by @brandlesslife and I’m feeling like maybe I can get the hang of this whole self-care beauty thing! I’m looking forward to introducing this gel to my nightly bedtime routine after the boys are tucked in.  #brandlesslife #beautyisbrandless #sponsored


I’ve been using this under eye gel from @brandlesslife for the past 2 weeks and could tell the difference in the morning when my eyes have huge bags under them. Sometimes I don’t have time to make coffee so I’ve been putting it on before leaving the house and notice it working by firming my skin. It starts to stimulate and to me that’s always a sign of a product really working. It has green tea and caffeine in it which helps with the capillaries under your eyes.


In the last 5 months since giving birth to my third baby, I have slept less than I have in my entire life and the bags and fine lines around my eyes were definitely showing that exhaustion. I’ve been using @brandlesslife *newly launched* Brandless Depuffing Eye Gel purposefully day + night after cleansing for 2 weeks now to give you all a good idea of the results as a mom of 3, who is in her mid-30’s. I’m a part of the 91% of participants who have seen a decrease in the appearance of fine lines around their eyes! I told you all I wanted to put more emphasis on #selfcare and this is a great (and affordable!) way to do that for all us moms out there, living on 2 hours of sleep a night.


A little sneak peek of my day, haha! Trying to pack with your kids around is not very easy! But anyway, I wanted to pause in the middle of the chaos to let you know that @brandlesslife has launched their new Brandless Depuffing Eye Gel!! 🙌🏼 I wanted to wait two weeks after receiving this gel to see the real results and let me tell you that I absolutely LOVE it! This magic gel only cost $8 and it contains green tea, pomegranate, and my favorite ingredient COFFEE! haha… 🖤 I totally recommend it, your eyes will thank you! 😉 #brandlesslife #beautyisbrandless #motherhood #packingandmoving


It’s finals week, which means thousands of college students everywhere are going without sleep — thankfully, i have @brandlesslife eye gel to make it look like i’ve had a full eight hours #sponsored #BrandlessLife #BeautyIsBrandless

Morning routine must-haves. Beloved Cup of Joe + Brandless Depuffing Eye Gel. Both offer uplifting benefits that are crucial to getting my day started right. This eye gel is formulated with a complex of probiotics, green tea, pomegranate, and caffeine that’s rich in nutrients and skin-firming agents. I’ve been using it for about a week and I’ve noticed the difference!  Love it. Mahalo @brandlesslife for continuing to create clean beauty products that are also easy on the wallet. #sponsored #BrandlessLife #BeautyIsBrandless