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5 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Flight Way More Enjoyable
Sophie Gil
By Sophie Gil

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Is traveling all about the destination or the journey? We think it’s both, but only if you are well prepared for it. With these easy traveling tips, you will be able to enjoy your flight just as much as you will enjoy your destination.

Tip #1: Pack your own snacks!

We all know that airplane food can sometimes be hit or miss (but mostly a miss), so it’s best to pack your favorite snacks before you board your flight. This method will also ensure that you know exactly what you put into your body, whether you have a preference for certified organic, gluten-free, or kosher food. To start you off, here are some of my personal favorite flight snacks:

Tip #2: Keep your skin hydrated (with products all under 100 ml/3.4 oz)!

If you’ve been on a airplane before, it’s no secret that the dry cabin air could have negative effects on your skin. So how exactly can you ease the pain of dry skin on your next flight? Here are our recommendations on how to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and fresh:

  • Our unscented Night Cream is the key to having extra hydrated skin. Although both day lotions and night creams hydrate dry skin, night creams are heavier in texture and are best for dry skin types. With moisturizing shea butter, this cream will leave your skin feeling refreshed and oh-so soft.
  • Our Coconut Lip Balm is made with shea butter and coconut oil, which are two ingredients that make this product incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for dry lips.
  • Soften your hands with shea butter-enriched Citrus Bergamot Hand Cream, a soothing, rich formula that hydrates and feels wonderful.
Tip #3: Use your flight time to journal!

Long-haul flights are a great time to disconnect — so try journaling! Whether you are reviewing your life visions and dreams, or you’re just taking notes on inspirational things you’ve witnessed, journaling can generate clarity, increase gratitude, and so much more. For this reason, using your flight time to journal (or to begin building the habit of journaling) can be an amazing use of your flight time. Plus, we’ve got all the journaling essentials you might need for your next trip here.

Tip #4: Collect your in-flight necessities (and keep them within arm’s reach)!

Keeping your travel essential within arm’s reach will help make your flight more relaxing. Such items as earplugs, a phone charger, earphones, gum, lip balm, and an eye mask are just a couple of my personal must-have necessities. For your next flight, use the Brandless Pouch to store all your travel essentials in one spot. The pouch is even small enough to store in the airplane seat pocket. Say goodbye to frenetically searching for your earphones mid-flight!

Tip #5: Don’t forget your supplements!

To help keep your immune system boosted, consider using our Digestive & Immune Biotic. For red-eye flights, consider our Melatonin to help get to sleep. To get your greens on the go, take the Greens & Antioxidant Blend. We’ve also got multivitamins that will help give your mind and body the nutrients they need to thrive. These dietary supplements could be the secret ingredient to feeling refreshed after a flight. So make sure to keep your body boosted and rested on your next flight!

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