Essential Oils for Aromatherapy + DIY Diffuser
Christian Dorisca
By Christian Dorisca

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Essential oils used in aromatherapy are like tiny little day makers. Bringing natural scents into your daily life helps invigorate the senses, while creating an atmosphere of calm and wellbeing. Try these ways to incorporate essential oils into your routine!

In the Morning

Lemon oil is a natural stimulant and mood enhancer. Having trouble waking up in the morning? Feeling nervous before an interview or big meeting?

  • Place a diffuser of oil next to your bed to help lift your morning spirit.
In the Kitchen

Tea tree oil has been linked to antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it an ideal natural deodorizer and air freshner.

  • Mix equal parts tea tree oil and water into an 8oz spray bottle. Use the mix as you would any spray deodorizer. Can be mixed with other essential oils to enhance scent.
In the Shower

Turn your shower into a diffuser, while basking in the natural scent of eucalyptus.  

  • Add 20 droplets (more or less depending on desired strength) of eucalyptus oil to 8oz of water in a spray bottle. Shake and spray onto walls before taking a shower. The steam from the shower works as a diffuser, which helps spread the oil’s essence throughout the bathroom.
In Flight

Peppermint oil may help to provide a calming sensation when feeling anxious or nauseous.  While traveling, use peppermint oil to increase your sense of balance and focus.

  • Carry a bottle of peppermint oil with you and when you feel those jitters come on, twist the cap for a fresh and relaxing scent.
Make Your Own Diffuser

A diffuser helps to draw the oils into your environment. It’s easy to make one using everyday household items.

  • Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water to 20 drops of oil into an 8-16 oz glass jar. Add 3 skewer sticks to the bottle (be sure to cut the pointed end off), which will encourage the flow of the oil’s essence upwards into the air.
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