This Family Is Living Their Best Minimalist Life in an Airstream
Sarah Tuttle
By Sarah Tuttle

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Ever wondered what it’s like to sell your belongings and just hit the road? Jacob and Tiffany Blaze recently set out on a one year journey across the US in their Airstream — with their three year old and baby! (Follow along on Instagram at @ourfamilyadventures.) They set out with the intention of living life more simply and making more memories as a family. Here, find our Q&A with Tiffany, the intrepid mom behind @ourfamilyadventures.

Brandless: What inspired you to adopt this life on the road? Was it a particular incident or was it more of a belief that developed?

Tiffany: We dreamt for years about taking a several-month RV trip, and gradually this dream grew into what we’re doing now! We realized that along with the fun of exploring, we also wanted to live more minimally and intentionally, so that added some extra meaning to what was just a fun adventure before. On top of that, we found ourselves at the perfect moment: both working from home with kids at the right age. So we went for it.


Brandless: I love your byline on your Instagram account! “Sold everything to live more intentionally.” What, for you, is the correlation between having fewer things and living with intention?

Tiffany: Before we left, one of our biggest frustrations was how much time we spent cleaning the house at the end of each day. After parenting and working, this was time we wanted to be together, but instead we were caught up taking care of our home and the things we’d accumulated.

Our time and energy was being sucked toward our stuff, when that wasn’t what we really wanted. Downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary things is helping us refocus on what we care about most.

Brandless: You wrote on your blog about wondering if “living with less would make for a richer life.” How does it feel two weeks into your journey?

Tiffany: It feels amazing. Selling just about everything—we can’t fit a ton in our Airstream—has been so freeing. We spend a lot more time experiencing things with the kids or connecting as a family or a couple. There is more time to just breathe as well, which is nice. We feel like we get to decide what is most important in a given moment rather than always have a giant to-do list waiting for us.

Brandless: What’s something about the experience of traveling with your family in an airstream that’s surprised you?

Tiffany: Before we left, our biggest fear was how our two kids, 3 and almost 1, would sleep in such close quarters. We were dreading the first couple weeks, honestly. But they’ve done really well! We have our nights, of course, but they’ve done amazing. They’re actually adapting to road life really quickly, and our 3-year-old especially is loving all the “big adventures” she gets to go on.

Brandless: What’s been the biggest challenge of life on the road so far?

Tiffany: We laughed out loud at this, because just today my husband, Jacob, spent almost two hours trying to find propane for our tanks. Meanwhile, I was at home trying desperately to figure out the convection microwave. So all that said, the biggest challenge is being complete newbies and having lots to learn. We’re learning so much every day, and I know this is just part of the transition.


Brandless: What are your top three tips for people looking to simplify their lives?


1. If you haven’t used/appreciated it in the last year, sell it. Why waste space on something you aren’t using? We’ve been able to sell a lot of used things as well to help pay for things we actually need.
2. Think about the things that matter most, and make those your motivation. It’s easy to get distracted by new and shiny things, but when we stepped back and realized what we really wanted, this gave us the drive to make a change in our lifestyle. For us, we craved quality family time and having experiences together, and we realized the main thing holding us back was our stuff.
3. Purge and re-purge. While prepping for RV life, we went through our house several times to get rid of unnecessary things, only to find that when we moved into the Airstream we had to do so a couple more times!

Brandless: Brandless is big on capturing intentions in one word. What is your intention for your journey? Might your husband and 3 year old have one, too?

Tiffany: Love this question!
Jacob: Growth
Tiffany: Connection
Ocea: Adventures!

Brandless: What’s been your favorite Brandless product on your journey? I had to ask! 😉

Tiffany: The Organic Crushed Pepper & Truffle Oil Popcorn is my favorite! I’ve been telling everybody about it!

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