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How to Make a “Flax Egg,” the MVP of Vegan Baking
Brittyn Coleman
By Brittyn Coleman

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Flax egg: the MVP of vegan baking. Chicken eggs are a major ingredient in most desserts and pastries, which makes eggless baking nearly impossible if you don’t have a good substitute. In whatever case that you are unable to have eggs — veganism, allergies, etc. — you need another ingredient that can sub in. While there are many egg replacers on the market today, one of the cheapest and simplest options is the “flax egg.” It’s not actually an egg, but an egg substitute.

A flax egg only contains two ingredients, which isn’t always the case with most egg replacers. Often times they will include different mixes of flours, starches, and fibers, sometimes even types of algae (not kidding!). Not only is the flax egg easy to make, but you avoid the cholesterol, fat, and calories of a typical chicken egg.

If you needed yet another reason to use a flax egg, they are extremely economical. A dozen chicken eggs typically cost $2-3 dollars, depending on the quality or market, which is about $0.25/egg. There are about 52 tablespoons inside each $2.00 Brandless bag of Organic Milled Flaxseeds, making each flax egg cost less than $0.04 per flax egg! 

Flax eggs are the perfect alternative in vegan baking and can make delicious pancakes, muffins, and even brownies! Want to make some for yourself? Grab a bag of Brandless Organic Milled & Ground Flaxseeds for your next Brandless box and follow these easy steps!



  1. Scoop out 1 tbsp ground flaxseed into a small bowl.
  2. Add 2 tbsp warm water.
  3. Stir water and flax until well combined, and allow to settle for about 60 seconds until a gel forms.
  4. Stir once more before adding into any recipe as an equal substitution for 1 large egg!
  5. Enjoy!
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