I Tried the Brandless 7-Day Herbal Cleanse and Here’s What Happened
Brittyn Coleman
By Brittyn Coleman

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As a dietitian, I am always weary about cleanses that make you fast for days and solely consume a product which is almost always chock full of artificial chemicals, flavors, and colors. While our kidneys and liver exist to detoxify our bodies, there are often toxins as well as harmful bacteria that can be stuck lurking around our bodies and gut.


Our gut (think: small and large intestines) contains tens of trillions of bacteria from 1000 different species [1]. The bacteria that make up our gut alone contain more than 3 million different genes (this is 150 times more than human genes!) and can even weigh up to 4 pounds [1]. Gut bacteria vary in every person, almost like our own little “gut fingerprint”. Our gut bacteria is heavily affected by the food we consume – studies show that “good” bacteria are grown by consuming a diet rich in unsaturated fatty acids and fiber [2]. Since the standard American diet is high in refined starches, added sugars, saturated fats, and inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, this promotes the growth of “bad” and harmful bacteria. These bad bacteria (and even yeasts) can be difficult to get out of the gut naturally, but one way to change these bacteria and encourage the growth of good bacteria is by diet change and herbal cleansing. 



The Brandless cleanse originally caught my eye because of its ingredients and its simplicity to follow. The cleanse is not meant to be a fast, and Brandless recommends you to consume a normal, balanced diet while using it. The cleanse includes 3 different parts. Part 1 is a Vitamin C + herbal blend that contains nutrients for gut and digestive health like Betaine HCl and L-Glutamine. Part 2 of the cleanse is an Acacia Powder, which encourages bowel movements. Part 3 of the cleanse is a Magnesium + herbal cleanse that contains ingredients like aloe leaf powder, senna leaf extract, and slippery elm bark, which are supplements commonly used for gastrointestinal health and gastrointestinal motility.

Day 1

I took the cleanse as instructed and ate a whole food, plant-based diet (per usual). I didn’t notice any major differences but am expecting to start seeing the cleanse to begin working within the next day or two!

Watch the video diary here.

Day 2

I woke up feeling full of energy and definitely noticed a difference in my sleep quality – I didn’t wake up once! Today I’ve definitely reaped the benefits of hydration and my urine has been nearly clear.

Watch the video diary here.

Day 3

I’m still having a lot of energy – enough to even power through a tough workout! I’ve noticed that my rings are fitting a little looser than normal – showing that my body is getting out a lot of retained fluid. I’ve noticed a (positive) shift in my GI system already!

Watch the video diary here.

Day 4

Even though it was Memorial Day weekend I had an easy time incorporating it into my daily routine. While my GI system has definitely changed on the cleanse (trying not to give TMI), it has made me feel very light and energized.

Watch the video diary here.

Day 5

Today I’m feeling especially energetic. I’ve been able to tell a major difference in my digestion over the past few days and have noticed a lot of my bloating has dissipated, even after large meals.

Watch the video diary here.

Day 6

I’ve noticed my skin is glowing! Even looking back on the video I did the first day of the cleanse I can tell a dramatic difference. I took an invigorating workout class in the afternoon and had plenty of energy. Looking forward to the last day!

Watch the video diary here.

Day 7

Reflecting back on the week I’ve noticed some major but gradual changes that have taken place. I weigh about 1# less than I did before starting the cleanse and feel very light. I’ve been sleeping great and my skin feels soft and clear. I may have to make the Brandless herbal cleanse a frequent occurrence!

Watch the video diary here.



I was really impressed with this cleanse and ended it feeling lighter and more energized than a week ago. I weigh 1 pound less than when I started it, though am expecting much of it is water weight. I often feel bloated, and this really helped with taking the bloat away, even after heavier meals. While you don’t need to change your diet during the cleanse, I recommend you focus on eating healthy, whole (primarily plant-based and organic) foods and stay away from processed and fried foods to naturally avoid toxins and allow your body to appropriately cleanse. I would definitely recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to kickstart their health and get back on track to a healthy diet!


Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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