Life Well-Lived: Mediterranean Style Picnic with Friends
By Charlotte Anderer

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The net market tote is an essential carry-all for your next picnicking adventure. Picture yourself soaking up the sun seaside, lounging on a terrace with a gorgeous view, or sipping a tasty beverage in the park. Your new tote will make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation, even if it’s in your own backyard!

Gather The Goods

European food culture, while varied in cuisine and custom, has a distinct quality of slowing down to enjoy the food, while spending quality time with friends and family. A Medeterranian-inspired spread, for example, is perfect for lounging and snacking. Here are some tips for a world-class picnic.

  • Consult the weather. Plan your picnic for a sunny day 🌞 so you can sit back, relax, and take in the fresh air.
  • Make shopping part of the experience. Buy fresh produce, grains, and cured meats at a local market 🍎🥖🥑 and be sure to ask the store owner what their fresh faves are. The tote expands easily so stock up as needed!
  • Prepare on-the-go fare that travels well in a cooler. Slice up your fruit for a fruit salad, or combine Brandless™ Wild Albacore Tuna in Water with Dijon Mustard, mayonnaise, ground black pepper, and Organic Garlic Salt for a tuna salad over our Stone Ground Wheat Crackers. Don’t forget to bring along your other favorite Brandless snacks.
  • Season to taste. Get creative with how you combine ingredients in your spread — drizzle Brandless Extra Virgin Olive Oil on your baguette, for instance.
  • Bring Earth-friendly picnic supplies. Brandless compostable plates, bowls, napkins, cutlery and cups pair with the park, beach, or any sunny spot for a more sustainable spread.
  • Bring a little something to drink. A bottle of wine or lemonade will do 🍷🥤.
Share The Picnic Love

Invite a friend or two to relish the moment! Surprise and delight your colleagues with an afternoon break, or bring new friends together by inviting your friends to bring along someone new. Don’t forget your fur friends — we’re sure they’d love to join in the fun with some Brandless Salmon & Rice Treats. Food brings people together, share it with your community and appreciate the day that much more.

Tote To Go

Since the tote can be rolled and stowed easily, whether you’re tossing in fruit and veggies from the local farmers market, or carrying an extra set of clothes to your fitness class, this cotton classic fits right in as your new staple tote.

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