What is EPA Safer Choice?
By Brandless

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First, a little background. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is a government organization that was established in 1970 to address concerns about pollution, and other environmental hazards.


Since the EPA is focused on protecting human health and the environment, their work is to understand what chemicals or conditions are harmful and help regulate this, either through mandatory laws or optional guidelines.


EPA Safer Choice is a non-regulated program, meaning companies do not have to comply with their product standards for greater human and environmental health, but for companies who do—there’s a certification for that.

You might know EPA Safer Choice as The Design for the Environment (DfE) certification, as that was the previous name since its origination in the early 1990’s. Here are the ways products are tested and qualified:


  • Full ingredient disclosure
  • Product performance testing
  • On-site audits of manufacturing facilities
  • Meets toxicity standards for environmental and human hazards


Brandless cleaning products are non-toxic. They are also tested for performance to ensure they can still get the job done. 

EPA Safer Choice means better for the environment, cleaner ingredients, all without sacrificing performance—ultimately, more peace of mind.

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