When Should You Use Diaper Rash Cream? Let Us Help
Karen Kane
By Karen Kane

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There are two approaches to diaper rash cream use. One is to use the cream with every diaper change to protect your baby’s sensitive skin. With regular use, the thick white cream forms a barrier so that the acids in poop and urine won’t irritate skin and cause a rash. The other line of thinking is that if you do a good job of changing diapers as soon as they are soiled, you can hope to avoid a case of diaper rash. Yet even with ultra observant and responsive caregiving, babies still sometimes get a touch of diaper rash. And when that happens, you will want to have some diaper rash cream on hand to soothe the redness.

Can I use diaper rash cream on my newborn?

Brandless Diaper Rash Cream is gentle and safe for babies. It is made with coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and non-nano zinc oxide is the active ingredient (learn more about non-nano zinc oxide here). Using diaper cream on newborns can help keep the meconium (the green or black, tarry poop that newborn babies have) from sticking to the tender skin. That means you don’t have to rub so hard to clean up when changing your baby’s diaper. Because a newborn’s skin is thinner and more sensitive, a gentler touch when wiping can help prevent redness or a rash.

Are there alternatives to using diaper cream?

If you don’t want to use diaper cream, you can try treating redness and rashes with a gentle warm-water soak, followed by some time air drying with no diaper on. Avoid any soaps or products with perfumes or chemicals and don’t use wipes with alcohol in them. Even if you do decide to soothe a rash with some cream, be sure your baby’s bottom is completely dry because sealing in the moisture with a layer of ointment can add to the irritation.

How much?

A dollop of diaper rash cream the size of a dime is about all your tiny little tot’s tush will need to protect and soothe. And since Brandless’s diaper rash cream is a remarkable value, you can afford to slather on as much as you want, as often as you want.

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