Why Are Concentrated Cleaners So Cool?
By Brandless

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As more and more people look for ways to reduce waste on the go and in their home, cool and new innovations are happening all the time.


By using refillable concentrated cleaning products, the bottle purchase happens once, and then refilled with cleaning pods when it’s time for more. What’s even more cool is that these products aren’t shipped with water, reducing the weight of the bottle and package. This means it takes less energy to ship, and since weight is what impacts fuel use, it’s a cleaner option.  

When we formulated our concentrated cleaning products, we wanted to make sure they were light on the environment, without compromising performance. Brandless Refillable Multi-surface Cleaner, Refillable Glass Cleaner, Refillable Granite Stone, and Refillable Tub & Tile Cleaner were created to be non-toxic and remove surface residues effectively.


The non-profit organization, Green Seal® is an independent certification agency that evaluates the full life-cycle of different types of products against strict standards for human health and reducing environmental impact. Brandless refillable cleaning products are Green Seal® certified and have been evaluated across performance, health and environmental requirements, as well as packaging and labeling requirements. Read more details on the criteria for Cleaning Products for Household Use here.

The best part? Just fill, shake, and spray!