Why Is Organic Cotton Such a Big Deal?
Shannon Vestal Robson
By Shannon Vestal Robson

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At Brandless, we have a lot of products that are made with organic cotton, from our kitchen-improving linens to our menstrual care (which uses 100% cotton on any part that touches your body). The term probably makes you feel good, but do you know why you should be buying organic cotton? It’s not a quiz: we’re guessing that you might not be totally sure, so we can tell you why it’s such a big deal — and a better choice to make when you’re shopping.

Organic cotton only makes up about 1 percent of the world’s cotton production, which is a small sliver of the 8.2 billion pounds of cotton produced each year by the US alone. Nonorganic cotton is sprayed with pesticides, and organic cotton, of course, is not, which is important when you consider that cotton is something you wear, something you touch, and makes up products that you use internally, like tampons.


Not a lot of research has been done to prove that pesticides using nonorganic cotton products is harmful, but now you’re armed with the facts. And you have access: Brandless offers stuff you need, like tampons and pantyliners with topsheets made of organic cotton, and stuff you want, like kitchen linens made of organic cotton.

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